Words for the win

Awards and accolades – great in theory, tough to win in practice

You’re thrilled – some lovely client has nominated your business for an award! Brilliant. But now you have to fill in the application. Not so brilliant. Writing award applications is not something most people have the time or experience to do successfully.

So, you can either make yourself miserable trying to pull something together, or you can get some professional help to create an application that will make the judging panel delighted to read your application (instead of sobbing at having to read yet another last-minute mess). This will also maximise your chance of becoming a finalist…or even better, an award winner.

Why choose CreativeIQ?

We do more than just write about your business. Our team will get to know your business and understand what makes it special – identifying the things that you can’t see because they just feel like how things should be done (when in fact, it’s why your clients love you). Our award writing clients regularly comment that not only do they end up with a fabulous application, but they also gain insights into their business, new ways to explain what they do, and lots of great content they can recycle in their marketing.

Our services aren’t limited to writing award applications. We also prepare scholarship and program applications. If it’s got questions and needs compelling, convincing answers, we’re your team.

And if you need a tender or grant application prepared? Find help over at our partner brand, Anna Dixon Consulting.

Our Application Preparation Packages

From totally ‘done for you’ applications, through to reviews of drafts, we have a range of options to suit your needs, turn-around time requirements and budget. Options include interviews to unpack your unique value, through to creating on-brand documents for applications that don’t offer an online form submission option (so you’ll look as fantastic as you sound). Our award application packages even include options for pre-prepared social media posts so you can effortlessly share your success and gain maximum mileage from your nomination and then celebrate any wins.

After being nominated for our local Business Awards, I knew I’d need help. I drafted my initial application and then approached CreativeIQ for help. The results blew me away! It was like they had waved a magic wand and took my submission to a whole new level. I now feel immensely proud of my submission and know that it is thorough and really showcases the value I provide to clients. The extra tips CreativeIQ offered around branding and presenting supporting material really gave the application a wow factor. Highly recommend!!

Nicole Bathurst – Owner, Naturally Nic