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The Brand Shop

Brand foundations built on strategy, not guesswork.

Start with the end in mind. But don’t start at the end.
If you want a solid brand that is recognised (and loved) by your clients, you need to create strong foundations. It’s lots of fun to think about logos and marketing material but if you haven’t got your strategy in place, you’re probably wasting time and money creating something that might not speak to your market or reflect your value.

We work with our clients to define what their brand stands for, who they are communicating with and what their unique value is.

Sound like something you need? From brand establishment to a brand refresh, we can help get you on track.

Working with CreativeIQ to design our Client Avatar has really helped our business.  We now have our Avatar (Kate) and we keep her in mind with every business move we make, I’m talking communication strategies to marketing and social media campaigns and we are already seeing amazing results – seriously, we have magically increased our client numbers and all of them are KATE! It’s a bloody miracle! I love the concept and love how you delivered the message, so THANK YOU!

Sarah Smith, Owner, Confetti & Co