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I’m a bit of a fan of lists. In my planner, you’ll find lists of goals for the year but on my phone, I have wish lists galore (stored in Evernote, another of my favourite apps). You’ll find lists of improvements I’d make on the house, places I’d like to visit, books I’d like to read, birthday present ideas, clothes I own (and gaps in my wardrobe I’d like to fill), that sort of thing. And don’t even start me on Pinterest – some major wish lists going on there.

Close your eyes and imagine your brand as a person…

If your brand was a person, what would their wish list be? What would they be jotting in their notebook? Sticking on their vision board? Or Pinning when they can’t sleep at 3am?

How do they feel when they look in the mirror? Does their look need freshening up? Or maybe they are missing some ‘key pieces’ from their wardrobe?

Are they constantly frantic or cool and calm? Is their schedule planned and prepared? Do they know what they are doing, when and why?

Are they feeling connected? Do they know who their ‘people’ are? Who do they work best with? And are they putting out the right vibes to draw those people to them? Where do those people ‘hang out’, both online and in real-life – and is your brand there too?

How does your brand feel about their skills? Do they feel comfortable using the tools and techniques that will help elevate their status? Or are they floundering and wish they had some more training or that they could outsource some things?

If your brand was going to ask you to help them achieve three things this year, what would they be?