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Brand Elements

If you’ve been following us for even a little while, you’ve probably heard us talking about the importance of branding. But just what are we referring to when we talk about your brand? You might immediately think of a logo. That’s part of it, but good, consistent branding is so much more than a recognisable logo. It’s a big part of the know, like, trust factor that convinces customers to buy from you – and keep coming back.

Your brand certainly does encompass the visual elements such as logo, brand colours and a motto or tagline. But also consider the kind of images you use in your marketing, the language you use when communicating about your business (both written and verbal), the way you and your employees present yourselves as a team, and the overall experience clients have when they engage you.

Branding and Client Experience

Whatever experience you are constructing for your clients, consistency in your branding is what helps you to achieve it. If you have your brand guide set up with all the information and brand elements – such as colours, fonts, logo etc – for your team to access, there’s no reason why the process shouldn’t be completely streamlined. It should become second-nature.

You might wonder how this is beneficial to you, especially if you are a small business. Isn’t branding just for big conglomerates? Nope. Here’s why:

Your brand is the key factor in building the know, like, trust relationship with clients. It’s how you shape their perception of you. If you aren’t consciously shaping it, they’ll do the work for you, or worse, they won’t think much about you at all.