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When we aren’t busy working with clients on their copy and content writing, we are often penning their business award applications for business and industry awards – consistently seeing them secure finalist or winner status. Everything from regional business awards to national industry awards and even the prestigious Telstra Business Woman Awards.

Although we know how to tease out your story and create a compelling entry, I’ve also had the opportunity to judge entries in a business award program. It really opened my eyes to the struggles business owners have when writing business award applications.

Here are some tips based on my judging experience:

• Brainstorm with a business friend or your staff before you start the application. I was familiar with many of the businesses whose applications I read, so I could see they had overlooked some unique aspects of their operations.

• Give it the time and attention it needs, not something dashed off in a hurry. For example, if the question allocates 200 words and you jot down 50, chances are you aren’t answering the question in a way that is going to make you competitive. Your time could be better spent on another aspect of your business.

• It’s boring and old advice but READ THE QUESTION (and then answer all the elements). Points are often allocated for addressing each element of the question. If you make a brilliant effort at answering 60% of the question but ignore the other 40%, someone who made a mediocre attempt at all the elements of the question may well outscore you.

• If you’d like a winning team on your side for your next award application, let us know over at Anna Dixon Consulting. We only take one client per category, per award. You don’t want to miss out on a spot if you’re serious about getting help. If you’d like us to keep an eye out for the right award for you, let us know and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for opportunities.

Budget doesn’t stretch to having us write the application? We can have a brainstorm session with you via video call and smash out the content ideas. Alternatively we can review your application and give you tips to tighten up your story.