Consulting Solutions

Looking to work with a consultancy team that listens to your needs and designs responsive and practical solutions?

You’re in the right place – the CreativeIQ team are business and organisational strategists committed to delivering superior results.

We offer a niche selection of tailored consulting services and we can work with you whether you’re in government, a non-profit or a small business. We specialise in:

  • Business Cases Development;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Feasibility Studies;
  • Needs Analysis Reports; and
  • Research & Case Studies.

If you have a unique project, talk to us about how we can shape our services to your specific needs and budget.

Business Case Development

Need a defined plan to implement a major infrastructure or social services project?
Want to be comfortable your project is viable and sustainable?
Ready to effectively position your organisation and project with funders and influencers?

The CreativeIQ team is highly experienced in business case development for major infrastructure and social service projects, having lead comprehensive business case development for numerous multi-million dollar projects for Western Australia State Government agencies, local governments and non-profits.

From the outset, we’ll work with you to delve into the objectives of your project and check the alignment between your intended strategy and the likelihood of meeting your objectives.

We’ll then work with your to prepare a robust Business Case, tailored to your individual needs. Business case development incorporates considerations including:

  • Detailed project description, including project objectives and desired outcomes;
  • Project alignment with your business/organisation’s policy and strategy and, when relevant, government policy and strategy;
  • Detailed breakdown of project deliverables;
  • Summary of completed stakeholder engagement (we can assist you to undertake this element if required);
  • Economic and financial impact analysis
  • Identification of need;
  • Discussion of socio-economic benefits;
  • Case studies of similar projects and their impact;
  • Whole of life sustainability (for infrastructure projects);
  • Operational costs;
  • Identification of options available, assessment of these and recommendation/s for optimal return on investment;
  • Funding strategy and budget;
  • Implementation strategy;
  • Communication plan;
  • Procurement strategy;
  • Risk analysis.

In addition to preparing your Business Case, we can also connect you with other trusted professionals you may need on board to activate your project, including architects, quantity surveyors and grant writers.

If you’re a Western Australian local government and your project involves a major land transaction, we can also assist you by preparing the Business Plan you’ll require as part of the Local Government Act 1995, in order to seek public comment on your proposed project.

Ready to activate your project idea and want to work with a team of practical, professional experts who will deliver a highly-readable, detailed business case? 

Committed to a business case development process that will equip you with the tools you need to communicate the value of your project?

The results have been fast, well researched and beyond expectations. To date, the return on our investment in a quality business case can only be described as spectacular, with our future looking very bright.

Greg Rose

President, Carnarvon Golf Club


Have a clear roadmap for your business or organisation is vital if you want to achieve your key goals and make a real difference.

We can work with you in a range of ways, including:

  • Facilitation of strategic direction setting – nailing down your vision, mission, values and core ways of working.
  • Facilitation of strategic planning workshops.
  • Development of strategic plans and implementation strategies.

We can provide a ‘facilitation only’ service or follow up with an objective, third-party documentation of your discussion and decisions. We can also work with you to develop your full strategic plan including professional desktop publishing and print production that reflects your brand.

CreativeIQ worked with us to develop a strategic plan that defined our direction and key areas for action. The plan has given us a professional and practical document that will drive our focus, as well as providing an excellent communication tool to share our vision and priorities with stakeholders. CreativeIQ’s work in the development of a Regional Investment Framework was also very beneficial – preparing a clear and compelling proposal to drive investment in the regions that has been very useful in our advocacy work for the regions.

Chris Adams

Chairperson, Western Australian Regional Capitals Alliance

The strategy session with Anna from CreativeIQ was enjoyable and productive, with the final document providing us with a professional and polished statement we can use to communicate with stakeholders and funding bodies. We highly recommend the services of CreativeIQ for community groups seeking to clarify and recalibrate their goals in a very user-friendly manner. Bob Neville

Chairperson, Roadwise Toodyay

Research & Analysis

Pursuing a project but worried about the potential pitfalls? Need more information to make a considered decision?

Our team combine excellent research skills with insightful commentary and recommendations.

We prepare feasibility studiesneeds analysis reports, and research papers to assist you to move forward with key projects.

The CreativeIQ team delivered a responsive, professional service, providing quality reports on complex matters. With a strong understanding of government processes and systems, they bring a practical and results-focused approach and were easy to work with. Alan Sheridan

CEO, Shire of Chittering

Who We Work With

Our consulting clients are typically government agencies, non-profits and small businesses. We’re based in Western Australia but your location isn’t a barrier. We’ve worked with clients from Broome to Esperance, as well as interstate. And if you’re international – feel free to get in contact. We’re pretty clever with tech solutions and we’re also happy to travel.

Need a chat to work out specifically what you need?