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Back in the mists of time, I once went to a customer service workshop for bricks and mortar business (actually, it was so long ago, the idea that you might have a business that wasn’t bricks and mortar was a bit silly). I don’t remember much about the day, other than the facilitator getting us out the front of the building and evaluating every angle of the customer experience on the approach to the entry, and then their experience as they moved through the venue. From cobwebs on the eaves to fingerprints on the glass, even whether the navigation through the space makes sense to a newcomer.

Like us, most of our clients don’t actually have a physical frontage. Often they work from home or a coworking space. Or perhaps they have an office but clients rarely set foot there. So, if that’s the case, what’s the point of this tale?

Customer Experience Checklist

Because you might not have a frontage or a building for clients to eyeball, but you definitely have a bunch of touchpoints you need to be keeping free of cobwebs.

Here are some ideas for your walk-through on your website, phone and email interactions. You could also look at your socials, marketing collaterals and the experience that clients go through once they approach you for a price or start working with you.


• When someone visits your website, is it immediately apparent what your business does, and who you do it for, without having to scroll?

• Is your brand look consistent and professional across every page?

• How does the user move through the website? What is their path through your website? Is the next step you’d like people to take obvious? Check the ‘user flow’ on your Google Analytics account to see if reality matches up with what you expect to be happening.

• What are the words like? Do they clearly and convincingly communicate the value you deliver clients and how you can work together?

• How’s the font choices? Readable? Consistent?

• You want to have your site loading in LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS (preferably under TWO SECONDS) to avoid visitors getting bored waiting and clicking away. Not sure if your site is that quick? You can find out here, along with a bunch of other diagnostics.

• How does your website look on mobile or tablet?

• Do all your links work?

• When did you last upload a blog post?


• How do you answer the phone?

• Are you prepared with a pen and paper for notes?

• Are you focused on the call?

• What do they hear if they get your voicemail?

• How quickly do you respond to their message?


• Do you have a professional email address associated with your businesses domain name (i.e. rather than or

• How quickly do you respond to emails?

• What’s your tone when you reply? And how’s your spelling and grammar?

• What is your signature block like? An afterthought or carefully planned?

• When you reply from your phone, have you got a professional signature set up or is it ‘Sent from my iPhone’ or the like?

So how did your customer experience walkthrough go? What touchpoints are spot-on for your client, and which are a bit blah (or worse)?