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If I’m on Facebook, do I really need a website as well?

Psst! If you’ve already got a website, scroll down for something else to consider.

Lots of small businesses think, ‘I’ve got a Facebook page, I don’t need a website too’, and some of them are correct. But if you’re a professional service-based business, we think you might need one.

Do you answer yes to some of these? If you do, a website is probably worth exploring.

  • When people are looking for our services, they want to be able to see if we know our stuff.
  • People Google specific terms when they are looking for us (e.g. ‘Baby sleep specialist in Perth; HR lawyer Bunbury unfair dismissal; Style consultant for new mums’).
  • We’d like to be able to email people who are interested in our services so we can send useful content to establish ourselves as experts.
  • If Facebook closed or started charging us more to connect with people, we’d be in trouble.
  • Not all of my ideal clients use Facebook, or less are engaging with it.
  • We want to have more control over the content a potential client sees, not just what Facebook decides to show them.

Got an existing website?

Were you one of those people thinking, ‘But I’ve already got a website, I don’t need to think about this stuff’?

Perhaps you don’t. But now is a good time to double-check your website and see if it’s still working for you. Ask yourself:

  • As soon as someone arrives on our website, is it clear WHAT we do, WHO we do it for and HOW we achieve results?
  • What is the goal of your website? For the visitor to call you? Email you? Sign up for your freebie? Something else?
  • How easy is it for a visitor to find information on your website?
  • Does your branding enhance the message of your website?
  • Are the words working hard for you? Do they clearly communicate your business’ potential to help the visitor?