If I’m on Facebook, do I really need a website as well?

Psst! If you’ve already got a website, scroll down for something else to consider.

Lots of small businesses think, ‘I’ve got a Facebook page, I don’t need a website too’, and some of them are correct. But if you’re a professional service-based business, we think you might need one.

Do you answer yes to some of these? If you do, a website is probably worth exploring.

  • When people are looking for our services, they want to be able to see if we know our stuff.
  • People Google specific terms when they are looking for us (e.g. ‘Baby sleep specialist in Perth; HR lawyer Bunbury unfair dismissal; Style consultant for new mums’).
  • We’d like to be able to email people who are interested in our services so we can send useful content to establish ourselves as experts.
  • If Facebook closed or started charging us more to connect with people, we’d be in trouble.
  • Not all of my ideal clients use Facebook, or less are engaging with it.
  • We want to have more control over the content a potential client sees, not just what Facebook decides to show them.

We’re happy to have a complimentary chat to help you decide if you really need a website or not. We don’t believe in spending money when you don’t need to, so expect an honest, pragmatic evaluation of what is right for you. Get in touch and we can make a time to chat.

Got an existing website?

Were you one of those people thinking, ‘But I’ve already got a website, I don’t need to think about this stuff’?

Perhaps you don’t. But now is a good time to double-check your website and see if it’s still working for you. Ask yourself:

  • As soon as someone arrives on our website, is it clear WHAT we do, WHO we do it for and HOW we achieve results?
  • What is the goal of your website? For the visitor to call you? Email you? Sign up for your freebie? Something else?
  • How easy is it for a visitor to find information on your website?
  • Does your branding enhance the message of your website?
  • Are the words working hard for you? Do they clearly communicate your business’ potential to help the visitor?

If you already know you need a website (or that your current website needs an overhaul), get in touch. We have packages available to clients who need help with branding only (e.g. logo package with style guide and mini-plan for early stage marketing), as well as options for a single page website and multipage websites. We can also help you out with your website copy, if crafting the perfect words is not your strong point.

Anna heads up the amazing team at CreativeIQ. Most brand and business consultants are either very creative or excel at strategy and analysis. What makes Anna special is her ability to do both! That’s how CreativeIQ was born. She loves strategy and finding creative ways to solve problems.

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