Any business worth its salt in 2018 realises sustainability just makes sense. The CSIRO has estimated by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. It’s already in our food chain. The National coastal debris survey estimates that there are about 115,513, 626 bits of rubbish on Australia’s coastline. Australians throw away 1 billion disposable coffee cups a year. These stats are impossible to ignore…it’s time to make plastic free your habit.

Long term change starts with small steps, repeated until they become habit or part of your business’ culture, then built on. July brings the opportunity for you to get behind a humble initiative that started in Perth in 2011 but now involves people from 159 countries. It’s called Plastic Free July and it involves a pledge to reduce your use of single-use (disposable) plastics. You can choose the top four (bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups) or the whole shemozzle, for July or forever.

You’ve read before on our blog that millennials demand transparency, ethics and real connection behind their purchases. It’s also well established that despite challenging economic times, consumers are actively avoiding brands with poor ‘green’ reputations. Creative IQ is always striving to minimise its impact on the environment. To reduce single use plastic here’s a few simple steps our team have taken in daily life:

Anna keeps her (very stylish) reusable water bottle near her desk, ready to grab when she’s heading out and about to meet clients or off to facilitate an event. This means not getting caught out and buying bottled water.

Anna water bottle

Erin’s go-to is her reusable coffee cup. As well as doing the right thing and bringing some cheer to her day with that poppin’ colour, it also scores her a discount on coffee at some cafes. You can find a few on the Responsible Cafes website.

Erin Keep Cup

Rhiannon has a treasure trove of sustainable goodies as a former sustainability scout and retailer. Here’s a bamboo fork / spoon small enough to pop into a handbag which means no need for single use plastic cutlery should an impromptu market lunch arise. There are also plenty of straw alternatives around now, including this stainless steel type (which is still kicking on after five years!).

Bamboo cutlery

You can find the link to register and more information on the Plastic Free July website. There’s even badges you can download to demonstrate your commitment, like the one below. If Plastic Free July has inspired you to take further action we have a wealth of in-house expertise to support you.Plastic Free July badge

Don’t let Rhiannon’s calm demeanour fool you, underneath that serene exterior is a bubbling well of unexpected ideas. She takes the standard formula and injects surprising new twists that propel ideas into action. Her talents lie in solving problems and creating solutions – she writes, she designs, she plans, and brings her curiosity to everything she does.

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