If you’re in business and are offering any form of packaging, why might you want to offer your clients plastic bag alternatives?

Well, increasingly customers are becoming more aware of the impact plastic is having on the environment and showing you care about this too by offering plastic bag alternatives can be one way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. With at least seven local governments in the Perth metro area looking at the feasibility of a plastic bag ban, staying ahead of the curve might be a good idea for savvy retailers.

Why are plastic bags a problem?  Here are some frightening facts that Clean Up Australia shares:

  • 8.7 plastic checkout bags have the equivalent of enough embodied petroleum energy to drive a car one kilometre.
  • Australians use 3.92 billion plastic bags per year with over 10 million new bags used each day.
  • Australians send 429,000 plastic bags to landfill every hour.
  • Estimates are that 50 million plastic bags become litter and contaminate the environment each year.

So we know what the problem is, how can you be part of the solution? 

As a consumer, you can say no to plastic bags. Our Principal Consultant, Anna, loves Onya shopping bags and always has a couple in her handbag to avoid taking plastic bags at the shopping centre. And supermarket-style reusable bags always come out for grocery trips. It would be very unusual to see her caught short and having to take a plastic bag – and she says she would much rather have a plastic bag alternative available on the rare occasion it does happen.

At CreativeIQ, we’re doing Plastic Free July as well as trying to be as sustainable and low impact as possible as part of how we do business every day of the year. Why? We believe that there is no point working to create more vibrant and economically sustainable communities if, at the same time, we are not making the choice to minimise the impact we have on the environment. Great facilities and capable people mean little if we degrade the place where we live.

As a retailer, how can you help your customers? By making going plastic bag free as effortless as possible. If you want to offer plastic bag alternatives, here’s a list of suppliers you may find useful.

On this list you will find providers of a range of plastic bag alternatives who can supply: AS certified, fully compostable/biodegradable bags, paper bags, non-woven bags, calico bags, jute bags, hemp bags, re-useable plastic bags (over 35 microns) and more.

Company Name: Natureworks Packaging
Address: 23 Catesby St, City Beach WA 6015
Email: sales@nawp.com.au
Phone: 0419 043 958
Website: www.natureatworkproducts.com
Certification: AS4736

Company Name: ONYA Bags
Address:  PO Box 5, Fremantle WA 6959
Email: info@onyalife.com.au
Phone: 08 9331 7137
Website: www.onyalife.com
Certification: N/A

Company Name: Advanced Century Technologies
Address: PO Box 158 Mt Hawthorn WA 6915
Email: info@shoppingbags.net.au
Phone: 0431 163 273 / (08) 9207 3983
Website: www.shoppingbags.net.au
Certification: N/A

Company Name: Dzolv Products Pty Ltd
Address: 3 Filndell St, O’Connor WA 6163
Phone: 1800 506 646
Email: markc@dzolv.com.au
Website: www.dzolv.com.au
Certification: AS4736 & AS5810

Company Name: After Bags
Address: PO Box 122, Maldon VIC 3463
Email: sales@afterbags.com.au
Phone: 0439 717 292
Website: www.afterbags.com.au
Certification: N/A

Company Name: Ecobags Wholesale
Address: L27, South Rialto Towers, 525 Collins St VIC 3000
Email: contact@ecobagswholesale.com
Phone: 1300 22 47 48
Website: www.ecobagswholesale.com
Certification: N/A

Company Name: BioPak
Address: Suite 2104 Level 21, 2 101 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Email: info@biopak.com.au
Phone: 1300 246 725
Website: www.biopak.com.au
Certification: AS4736

Company Name: Gispac / Pure Planet
Address: Level 11, 50 Berry Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
Email: info@gispac.com
Phone: 1300 850 101
Website: www.gispac.com.au
Certification: FSC Chain of Custody Certification

Company Name: Because We Care
Address: 309 Fitzgerald Rd, Derrimut VIC 3030
Email: no email – web contact form
Phone: 03 9931 6888
Website: www.becausewecare.com.au
Certification:  AS4736

Company Name: Green-pac
Address: PO Box 540, Brentford Square VIC 3131
Email: hello@green-pac.net
Phone: 08 6102 3576
Website: www.greenpac.com.au
Certification: N/A

Company Name: Hemp Wholesale WA
Address: PO Box 25, Kalamunda WA 6076
Email: admin@hempwa.com
Phone: 08 9291 3800
Website: www.hempwa.com
Certification: N/A

Company Name: Albury Enviro Bags
Address: PO Box 961, Riverwood NSW 2210
Email: sales@alburyenvirobags.com.au
Phone: 02 9534 6283
Website: www.alburyenvirobags.com.au
Certification: N/A

Company Name: PinPak
Address: Factory 3-8/ 35 Lexton Rd, Box Hill North VIC 3129
Email: info@pinpak.com.au
Phone: 03 9897 4000
Website: www.pinpak.com.au
Certification: N/A

Company Name: Smart Bags
Address:  Unit 20, 19 Aero Rd, Ingleburn NSW 2565
Email: sales@smartbag.com.au
Phone: 02 9605 6871
Website: www.smartbag.com.au
Certification: N/A

Company Name: BioBag Australia
Address: Level 2, 37 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Email: sales@biobaganz.com
Phone: 0415 939 521
Website: www.biobaganz.com
Certification: AS4736

Company Name: PR Packaging
Address: Building 6, 30 Prohasky St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Email: info@prpackaging.com
Phone:  1300 777 225
Website: www.prpackaging.com
Certification: N/A

Company Name: Magnet Packaging
Address: PO Box 70, Prahran VIC 3181
Email: sales@magnetpackaging.com.au
Phone: 03 9510 5755
Website: www.magnetpackaging.com.au
Certification:  N/A

Company Name: Bee Dee Bags
Address: 7 Norton Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Phone: 08 9477 3900
Email: no email – web contact form
Website: www.beedeebags.com.au
Certification: N/A

Company Name: Stirling Fildes
Address: 1/14 Principal Link, Malaga WA 6090
Email: saleshc@stirlingfildes.com.au
Phone: 1300 651 118
Website: www.stirlingfildes.com.au
Certification: N/A

Note that this list should not be considered as a recommendation, it has been compiled to help you explore alternatives but you should check to make sure that any product and supplier are a good fit for your needs and budget. CreativeIQ does not have any affiliation with the listed businesses and although we’ve worked to provide correct details, we can’t guarantee the accuracy of any of the information listed here.

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