Are You On Brand e-Workbook

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Are You On Brand e-Workbook

This e-Workbook sets you up with the basics for your brand. You’ll get lots of information, as well as practical activities you can start right now, to define and refine your brand.

The e-Workbook includes:

  • Brand basics and why having a strong brand will build your reputation and boost sales.
  • How to define what you want your clients to think and feel about your brand – and how you’re currently doing that.
  • The five Foundations you need to have in place for a solid brand – and how to build them.
  • A mini-Brand Audit so you can decide where to work first.
  • How to create a comprehensive brand guide…and our custom template.
  • A Tactics Audit to understand what’s working and what’s not in your brand building activities.
  • What an ideal client avatar is, and why you need one.
  • Detailed worksheet to profile your avatar.
  • Ideas on how to present your avatar.