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Build your authority in your field by writing, publishing and marketing your own eBook, using the simple steps in our ‘Get in Print’ eBook.



If you spend any time hanging out online in business groups and learning about how to get more traction in your field, you probably know all about the suggestions to ‘build your authority’ and ‘be seen as an expert’. Sounds like hard work, but there are some really achievable ways to do that.

Creating an eBook is one.

But we know that it’s hard to get started, which is why we created this eBook! We’ve taken the hard work away from the process by breaking it down into easy, achievable steps, including:

  • Strategies to define your topic,
  • Creating an outline,
  • Writing a draft,
  • Editing your work,
  • Getting snazzy with your presentation, and
  • Ideas on how to share it.

Sound like what you need? Of course it does! Let’s get your eBook happening and launched.