Ideal Client Avatar

$290.00 inc GST



Want to really amplify the impact of your branding and marketing efforts? 

Do you feel confused about who you are selling to? When you are creating marketing content, can you imagine your clients looking at it and nodding their head and saying ‘Yes, I want that’?

If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one. You need an Ideal Client Avatar to hone your message in order to maximise the results of your efforts.

You complete a detailed questionnaire and then we’ll delve into the personality and needs of the ideal client you want to attract via a 30-minute Zoom video call (recorded so you can refer back to it). We’ll tease out the details with you and then create one of our detailed, beautifully presented client avatar packages using your brand look.

‘Working with CreativeIQ to design our Client Avatar has really helped our business.  We now have our Avatar (Kate) and we keep her in mind with every business move we make. I’m talking communication strategies to marketing and social media campaigns and we are already seeing amazing results – seriously, we have magically increased our client numbers and all of them are KATE! It’s a bloody miracle! I love the concept and love how you delivered the message, so THANK YOU!’

Sarah Smith, Owner, Confetti & Co