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Why Your Logo Shouldn’t Be Cheap

Let's talk logos. A logo, as I’m sure you already know, is a visual representation of your business and its products and/or services. But do you know what goes into creating a logo? If you’ve ever approached a designer to create a logo for your business, perhaps...

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Brand Personality

Go crazy for a moment…imagine your brand was a person. An actual real, living, breathing person. What do they look like? Sound like? How do they feel about themselves? What do people say about them when they aren’t in the room? Are they sassy and confident? Swishing...

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Uncovering Ideas for Your Content

Have you been meaning to publish more content for your business – newsletters, blog posts, inspiring and shareable social media posts, perhaps? But when it comes time to actually write something, do you find yourself sitting and staring at a blank page (or screen,...

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Why Content Planning Makes Life Easier

If you’re like lots of business owners, you’re great at what you do but you don’t necessarily love writing and creating content to build your brand and authority. That’s probably why your blog sits neglected a lot of the time, despite the promises you make to yourself...

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What is Branding? (and why you should care about it)

Branding – at a minimum, it’s your logo. But for a savvy business, it’s much more. Think about all your graphics, the images you use, how you choose to communicate about what you do. For a business with a physical presence, it might also be the music you have playing,...

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Writing an e-Book

Don't just talk about writing an e-book - do it! e-Books are amazing tools for building your authority as well as giving your potential clients a taste of what working with you is like without having to make a big investment. But they are also something that requires...

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Five Ways to Jazz Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Is your LinkedIn profile working hard for you? Or is it languishing and being lazy? Don’t miss out on the value of this amazing tool! A standout profile is just one part of an effective LinkedIn strategy, but it’s an important one. What can you do to quickly update...

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If Only I’d Known…Two Years On In Business

Today I'm looking back on how far CreativeIQ has come and what I've learned during my time in business. Two years ago, I resigned from a very nice job in government. A great salary, (generally) interesting work, paid holidays and sick leave, and people who looked...

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Why You Are a Leader

Embrace the fact that you are a leader. I believe that everyone is a leader, each leading in their own unique way. Don’t be shy about it, or discount your potential as a leader. Being a leader is not necessarily tied to being a boss or sitting on a board or acting in...

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