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Five Reasons to Use a Professional Copywriter

When you think of the type of businesses that use a professional copywriter, perhaps you envisage that only large, flashy corporates with zillion-dollar marketing budgets would hire an expert to help them find the right words to attract clients and sell to them....

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What is Copywriting? (And What is Content Writing?)

You know when you have one of those funny conversations where you suddenly realise you've been talking to someone about something completely different to what they think you're talking about? Well, that happened to me the other day when I was chatting with a guy who...

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Make Plastic Free Your Habit

Any business worth its salt in 2018 realises sustainability just makes sense. The CSIRO has estimated by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. It's already in our food chain. The National coastal debris survey estimates that there are about 115,513,...

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What Events Can Do for Your Business

Whether you do business fully online or have a shopfront you shouldn’t underestimate what events can do for your business. Meeting customers face-to-face, building relationships and increasing your profile are well known benefits. But there’s also a flipside....

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Networking for Small Business

If you're in business, you probably know that relationships make a big difference to your success. But how can you maximise your business networks to deliver results for your business? Whether it's a local Chamber of Commerce, a networking group, your local community...

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Finding Purpose in Business

The health of a country (or indeed an organisation) is increasingly being recognised alongside its financial performance. From the Gross Happiness Index to the UN Day of Happiness and the annual World Happiness Report. While it’s great to see a more holistic view of...

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