Have you been meaning to publish more content for your business – newsletters, blog posts, inspiring and shareable social media posts, perhaps? But when it comes time to actually write something, do you find yourself sitting and staring at a blank page (or screen, probably), completely without inspiration? Read our tips below to help you pull back the curtain on some excellent ideas.

Get familiar with your ideal client

The content you share, whether it’s blog posts on your website, your monthly newsletter or even short social media posts, needs to be relevant to those who follow you (potential or actual clients). But do you really know who your ideal client is? If you try to sell to everyone, chances are, you’ll sell to no-one. What does your ideal client ‘look’ like? How old are they? Where do they live? What is their family situation? What do they do with their time (both at work and otherwise)? If you feel stuck, we can help! We can create an Ideal Client Avatar for your business that will be invaluable in all aspects of your business that involve clients.

Identify common issues

With your ideal client in mind, think about the most common issues or problems they face. For instance, what questions do you find yourself answering over and over again? Or what tasks do your clients most regularly approach you for? Make a list of these, and bam! You’ve got a list of relevant and (hopefully) interesting content to publish.

Focus on one topic at a time

If you have a list of topics that you can potentially use for content, that’s great! But focus on one subject at a time, to make things nice and clear for your readers. If you put all your eggs in one basket (or blog post), chances are you’ll overwhelm or confuse people. Plus, you’ll run out of ideas very quickly!

Investigate and research

Do a limited amount of research if you feel it’s necessary. It should be more fact checking than anything else because your content should stem from your own expertise, not from something you’ve read on Wikipedia (anyone can do that).

Investigation into your topic to see what’s popular or what people are interested in is more worthwhile. Go to Google and search your topic on blogs and forums. For instance, if you are a personal trainer and you wanted to write a blog post on home-based exercises, you could search for ‘exercises at home blog/forum’. This way you can see what questions people are asking and what seems popular. What are your clients’ needs? This can be a useful way to know whether you are on the right track.

Go forth and get writing! Or if these tips still haven’t helped you out of your funk, get in touch. We absolutely love creating content for our clients. That’s OUR area of expertise.

Where Erin really shines is working with all things words. From crafting the perfect story to share what you do, through to polishing your own creations to bring out the sparkle, her way with words will give you that special buzz when someone nails exactly what you’ve been trying to say but couldn’t quite get there yourself.

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