Who are we?

We’re a bit different.

We’re a collective of smart, savvy women powered by curiosity and creative thinking.

We quite like being above average.

Meet Anna

Meet Anna

The CreativeIQ team is headed up by me, Anna Dixon. I’ve learned to embrace the fact I’m a bit unusual. Most brand and business consultants you meet love to be creative, or are really good at strategy and analysis. But it’s not so common that you find someone who has a blend of both. And that’s me.

CreativeIQ has been the place where I’ve been able to harness the power of my weirdness and create a way of thinking about business that delivers first-class results for our clients.

I’ve always had a business-head. I was the teenager who willingly worked in the two family businesses not because precision engineering was interesting or that plants and nurseries were fun, but because I was intrigued by how business worked.

I pursued my love of writing and the arts as an English and Media Studies teacher while dabbling on the side with hobby businesses – websites, craft, workshops and other stuff that let me figure out how to make money doing things you enjoyed. I thought I’d be a teacher forever. Until I wasn’t.

Cue an unexpected career change. I found myself working with non-profits and local governments, as an employee and then as a consultant spending my days working with people looking at their organisations figuring out what worked (and what didn’t). The balancing act of making enough money to do the things they wanted to do and being affordable for the people who really needed what they offered. Working out how to do make the budget work and deliver results. Developing strategies to see good ideas become great projects, instead of just fleeting moments of inspiration at a meeting.

But people kept asking me to work with them on their businesses. To help work out what they were doing. And who for. And then how to communicate that.

And I thought, ‘What are these people thinking? Why do they want me?

And then I realised. I’ve got a natural strategy brain, and a bunch of creativity to take the strategy from idea to reality. Backed up with practicality and real-world experience.

And the more people that asked to work with me, the more I knew I needed more than just me.

And that’s where the CreativeIQ team grew from.

A team of smart, savvy, skilled women who know who to make stuff happen.

And me?

I love strategy. I’m a problem detector and, more importantly, problem solver. I pair that with a flair for creating – planning, writing, designing. I bring fresh interpretations to old ways of doing business.

I tweak. I change the rules. I transform the good into the fabulous.

Meet Rhiannon

Meet Rhiannon

Rhiannon is a bit of a revolutionary. Don’t let her calm demeanour fool you – underneath that serene exterior is a bubbling well of unexpected ideas. She takes the standard formula and injects surprising new twists that propel ideas into action.

Rhiannon was one of those people who thought an online shop selling eco-products was a great idea back in the day when most people were thinking setting up their first email address was cool  (and she actually built a viable business).

The kind of woman who can wrangle a large academic organisation that was stuck in the 90’s to completely rebrand with a fresh and modern look. 

Or decides it would be pretty awesome idea to relocate her young family to Sweden to finish her degree!

In true CreativeIQ form, Rhiannon’s talents lie in solving problems and creating solutionsshe writes, she designs, she plans and brings her curiosity to everything she does.

Meet Erin

Meet Erin

Where Erin really shines is working with all things words. From crafting the perfect story to share what you do, through to polishing your own creations to bring out the sparkle, Erin’s way with words will make you feel that special buzz you get when someone nails exactly what you’ve been trying to say but couldn’t quite get there.

Part of Erin’s magic as a writer is that she is also a bit of a detective who likes to delve into what’s going on in the story, not just skim the details. Combine that with her meticulous attention to detail and the end product is always polished.

Erin backs up her practical experience with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (majoring in Writing and Cultural Studies) and a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Electronic Publishing.  She even scored the Society of Editors Prize for Language, Editing and Writing for academic excellence when she graduated – we think she’s a pretty clever woman too!

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