I have great teeth – nearly forty and zero fillings. So I know how to take care of them. But I wouldn’t presume to perform any dental work on myself (or unsuspecting family member). I’m also pretty good when it comes to baking. But I didn’t create our wedding cake. And you might spend some of your day writing, you might even rank yourself as pretty good. But it doesn’t mean you should write your own marketing material. Here’s why you need to pay for a copywriter…

Gain a better understanding of your business

A great copywriter will help you delve into who your ideal client is and really understand your market. By the time you’ve finished strategising with them, you should have had a few ‘a-ha!’ moments about your business and how you communicate about it. You’re buying more than just some words for your marketing material, you should get invaluable insights into your business.

Reap from their knowledge and experience

An experienced copywriter brings the benefit of having prepared marketing material for many, many businesses (and you get to learn from their knowledge of what worked and what was a flop.)

When you pay a professional copywriter, you’re getting access to someone who really understands words. They have impeccable writing skills – spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure – all the mechanics that make writing highly readable. They also understand how to make those words truly speak to your audience and create a compelling story that inspires action. Most people cannot do that.

If it’s important to you that your marketing material differentiates you from your competition and attracts an abundance of your ideal type of clients, then you need to have sharp marketing. And you probably aren’t going to achieve that on your own.

How can you tell if a copywriter is worth hiring?

Well, some of them aren’t. You need to choose carefully. At CreativeIQ, we no longer offer ‘bring your own copy’ as an option on our websites as we’ve had too many clients come with copy they’ve paid for but it’s riddled with spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and bulk amounts of text that could be described, at best, as waffle.

If you do decide to pay for a copywriter, here are some pointers to help you choose – be really thoughtful and critical when you take these steps, avoid a ‘skim and scan’ approach:

  • Explore their website and ask yourself – who is their ideal client, am I that person and does the website convince me? If not, pick someone else. If yes, proceed.
  • Read some of their blogs (like this one). Does what they have to say resonate with you? Sure, they’ll write in your voice and for your industry if you engage with them, but do you read their stuff and think ‘I’d like to meet this person in real life?’ or do you want to run for the hills?
  • Snap up some of the freebies on their website. What’s the wording of the accompanying emails like? What’s the freebie like? Does it reinforce they are an expert in their field? Is it well-presented?
  • Sign up to their newsletter. Stalk them for a while. Are they consistent? Do you like what they have to say?
  • Do they offer a free chat? Take the chance to see if you gel when you chat.
  • Ask for some samples of client work and references of people they’ve done work for.

Don’t let the cost scare you

A professional copywriter is not ‘cheap’ but you’re paying for their expertise to tell your business’ story and position you as the obvious choice to your market. Paying a copywriter who seems cheap could save money in the short term but they might deliver bland material that does nothing to make you stand out and secure the business you need to succeed.

If you need a copywriter and you’ve scoped us enough to think we might be your jam, let’s talk.

Anna heads up the amazing team at CreativeIQ. Most brand and business consultants are either very creative or excel at strategy and analysis. What makes Anna special is her ability to do both! That’s how CreativeIQ was born. She loves strategy and finding creative ways to solve problems.

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