Let’s talk logos.

A logo, as I’m sure you already know, is a visual representation of your business and its products and/or services. But do you know what goes into creating a logo? If you’ve ever approached a designer to create a logo for your business, perhaps you’ve been shocked at the figure they came back with. Here are five reasons why your logo shouldn’t be cheap.

First impressions last

OK, we were probably all taught as children that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But we also know that people do. In business, appearances are important, and first impressions last. Your logo will generally be the first thing potentials clients see when they deal with your business. If you’ve paid someone on Fiverr to do your logo, it’s unlikely to impress anyone. And even if you’ve paid a designer $50 to come up with something that looks pretty good, it’s unlikely to communicate anything about your business.

You get what you pay for

If a designer can offer to create a logo for $50, you have to wonder how much time and effort they will spend on your design. Also consider that in order to scratch out a living at this rate, the designer is most likely working on many logos at once. Another potential explanation is that it’s not really their ‘day job’, more of a hobby. Neither of those things is really what you want for your business’ logo. If you pay a low rate for your logo, logically the designer will not spend long working on it. Chances are, these ‘cheap’ designers are creating your logo without knowing much about your business, your clients, or your competitors, which means even if the logo looks great, it won’t say anything about your business.

A LOT of work goes into designing an amazing logo

When you engage a designer to create a logo for you, they will most likely:

• Meet with you, whether that be face-to-face or via phone or video call;

• Create a design brief and a proposal;

• Research your company, your competition, and your clients;

• Brainstorm and generate ideas/inspiration;

• Do some rough sketches;

• Create the logo (perhaps with multiple variations);

• Refine these ideas;

• Present them to you and get your feedback;

• Revise the design, maybe multiple times;

• Finalise the design; and

• Create the logo, including a range of variations and formats for your use.

That is a lot of work! Most good designers will have also spent years (and not a small amount of money) studying to get where they are, plus they will use expensive equipment and programs to create your logo. They are selling their intellectual property to you to profit off.

You don’t just get an image

If you hire a good designer to create your logo, it will be a unique, recognisable representation of your business. It will send the world a clear message of what your business is about. It should also be a vector graphic – a technical term that basically means it’s of superior digital quality that can be increased to any size without losing quality. It will be suitable for use in a wide variety of media, and you should receive multiple variations of your logo, for example, colour, monochrome, inverse, banner style, social media icons etc.

Paying more might save you money, long-term

The quote that the designer gave you might seem a little eye-watering at first, especially if you were unaware of what goes into creating a good logo. But making that investment now might ultimately save you money in the future. If you pay for a cheap logo, it might look quite good to begin with, but further down the track you may realise that it doesn’t really align with your brand, or worse, it could be sending the wrong message to clients. And sure, you could then go and spend more money on a great logo, but it might not be that simple. The rest of your branding usually builds off your logo, which means if you change your logo, you have to change EVERYTHING. Think colour schemes, your website, social media, stationery, letterheads, and emails. If you’re super techy, you might be able to do this yourself (though it all takes time). But chances are, you’ll need to pay someone to sort it out.

So, before you balk at your designer’s fee and turn to Fiverr, stop and think about what you want from your logo, how you expect it to work for your business, and how much work will go into it.

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